2016 Charlotte Conference

November turned out to be a great time to hold the conference as the air was crisp and there wasn’t the heat of the summer. The main focus of the conference was on fentanyl and how it affects law enforcement. There was also a very educational class on the neurobiology of addiction which allowed the attendees to understand why the people they deal with act the way they do. There was also a class on the rising concerns for booby traps in meth labs. The class had a good demonstration on what could happen if you encountered an explosive at a meth lab.

The were many activities hosted by C.L.I.A. once the day was done. The social hour after the classes were done allowed the attendees to network with people they may never get a chance to see otherwise. There were attendees from all parts of the United States as well as the world. This allowed people to get an understanding how things were handled where they worked. On one night C.L.I.A. took the conference attendees to downtown Charlotte for a dinner. It was a good time, and allowed people to tour and site see the beautiful city.

As always,  the raffles were a great success. The main attractions were the guns, and GoPros. There was plenty of excitement every time a number was called, and people left happy knowing they had participated in the conference.